Flying Mountain Lion Family Portrait

Project made for Animal Anatomy for Creature Design at SCAD.

Project made for Animal Anatomy class at SCAD, which the goal was to create a creature family and a illustration of them interacting.
My creature was inspired on the myth of the nemean lion. After some research, I discovered that there was some lion's ancestors on the greek soil during the glacial age. With those informations, I decided to make a flying lion, with a winter coat, that could live in the highest mountains and hunt all the other animals, even the birds.
The male.
The female.
The male cub.
The female cub.
My idea since the beginning was being able to draw a believable feline, so I invest good part of my time practicing gesture drawing.
HERE you can find all the sketches I made on the preliminar stages of the concept.
From the blowed up thumbnail to pencils... final inks.

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