This work is an Editorial Illustration assignment, which the goal was to illustrate an article with a quarter page illustration.

I've chose an article published at Fast Company(April 2014 issue) that points out the strengths of Final Fantasy franchise. The text already has a gorgeous piece, made by Steve Courtney, but I saw that I could explore other features to make a consistent work.
On left: Original Illustration by Steve Courtney and on the right: Game's concept art and paintings that were used as references.
So, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use the Chocobo as the main character of this(even being an unconditional fan of Squall) since he is in all of the games! Starting from that, I picked some references from the game art and went into a dynamic and fun composition.
Color comps
From left to right: Digital sketch, line art and flat colors. You can look closely going here.
Final piece!
The mounted piece, aside with a stylized business card, made for presentation.
Hope you enjoy!
Thank you for watching
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